Announcing the release of RASCUACHA TECH

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Dear Xicana Chronicles friends and familia,

We are proud to announce the release of our first book in the Xicana Chronicles publishing house series, Rascuacha Tech by Iris Rodriguez.

This is officially the first book in the Xicana Chronicles publishing house series!  This book was produced 100% in-house y con puras ganas!

* Also see Journey of a Rascuacha Tech and the new Digital Resistance 101 course.

BUY NOW and purchase directly from the maker

IN PRINT  $14.99 Rascuacha Tech

E-BOOK  $9.99 Rascuacha Tech

Thank you to everyone that supported our campaign!  Subscribe to stay updated on future releases!


“Rascuacha Tech” by Iris Rodriguez on Ganxy

6 thoughts on “Announcing the release of RASCUACHA TECH”

  1. Congratulations Xicana Chronicles publishing house for your first published book. Rascuacha Tech by Iris Rodriguez.looks like a great read!

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