Cronicas Cholas: Voices Breaking Boundaries

Cronicas Cholas from Voices Breaking Boundaries on Vimeo.

Houston based artists Monica Villarreal,   Tony Briones, Marc-Antony Piñón & Stalina Villarreal explore “border” rituals with a performing arts piece that lets its audience experience the power that humans have to construct and destroy borders.

This piece was especially crafted for “Exploring Rituals” event in the near Northside of Houston as one of VBB’s Borderlines productions.

“I come from a family of migrant workers. My family traveled a long way from home, away from their birth place, away from their families in search of work. Throughout my childhood, I would see how hard my parents worked. They worked two and even three jobs at a time so that I could have a better life. We would live in inner city barrios mostly in the Northside of Houston.

As a child my cousins would call me “niña mimada” (meaning spoiled child) or “la bocha” (my nickname as a baby). And although I grew up a bit sheltered, I was expose to things that many other children my age were not. One thing will always be true, my parents always instilled in me the value of respect. This may be the reason why I never joined a gang or sold drugs although I was proposed to do both.

I need to thank my parents for giving me a good childhood. For raising me right and giving me the support and courage to choose a good path, attend college and acquire a higher education. Something they were unable to do. With all of that being said, I performed this piece in dedication of all my barrio friends who didn’t make it out of the hood and those who did. I also dedicate this to all of the migrant workers who are profiled and marginalized at the borders.”



mon2Monica Villarreal is an interdisciplinary Xicana artist and activist, native to Houston, Texas. Her art focuses on social change, gender equality, and environmental issues. She has multiple awards in photography and film making. Monica is a traditional Aztec dancer with Danza Azteca Taxcayolotl. She is also a founding member of Creative Women Unite, local feminist arts collaborative, and has over nine years of experience organizing with non-profit and grassroots organizations. Monica is currently completing her graduate in Digital Media Studies at University of Houston-CL.




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