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Nomiccama Nomiccanacayo and the Necessity of Art in Diffcult Times

“Our task is to remain human. To become neither monsters nor victims…”


Mother Earth is Calling (Official Video)

BUY NOW and support this project! MP3: Album: Yacatsol is a border-crossing, multilingual, decolonial, “cura” musical art project ******************************************************** LYRICS Mother Earth is calling us to help her and it’s come down to now – or neverEarth – land we depend on is sacred Air – the air that we breathe is sacred … Continue reading Mother Earth is Calling (Official Video)


Hija de la Chingada Y Que

Estas carnes indias que despreciamos nosotros los Mexicanos asi como despreciamos condenamos a nuestra madre, Malinalli. Nos condenamos a nosotros mismos. Esta raza vencida, enemigo cuerpo”.


Water song

Listen to the the children while they play if you listen real close they’ll take you far away back to the old days how it used to be when the world was free and the water used to roam. Singer: Laura Rios Recorded Jan 26, 2017 at the Texas Department of Parks and Recreation public … Continue reading Water song


Nocihuapoh: For the hermanas

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /] Nocihuapoh, Nocihuapoh Nocihuapoh, Nocihuapoh x2 Huel Tinechximati, Nimitzcihuapotiah x2 Nocihuapoh, Nocihuapoh Tocihuapoqueh Nimitztlazohtla Nocihuapoh, Nocihuapoh Tocihuapoqueh, Tlazocamati Mi Comadre, Mi Comadre Mi Comadre, Mi Comadre Tu Me Conoces, Te reconozco como una mujer como yo Mi Comadre, Mi Comadre Nuestras Comadres Te Amamos Mi Comadre, Mi Comadre Nuestras … Continue reading Nocihuapoh: For the hermanas

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Dolorosa Street Haiku

You see me onscreen
My name is an A number
But I’m a woman



We’ve grown against the walls and the waist.  We’ve pushed through  concrete and barbed wire. Hidden in the shadows we make no sound. Quiet to be invisible to your hateful destruction.  It’s not possible.We are so many. So many. How is this possible? We have been pulled up, stepped on, and hacked. You get angry, but … Continue reading Weeds


Susana Almanza from PODER shares the importance of Alma de Mujer’s Center for Social Change

Susana Almanza, Co-Director of PODER (People Organized in Defense of Earth and her Resources) based in East Austin ( shares why the Alma de Mujer Center for Social Change is a sacred and important space for women of color and the greater Texas community. For more information about Alma de Mujer, please visit: NOTE: … Continue reading Susana Almanza from PODER shares the importance of Alma de Mujer’s Center for Social Change

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The hardest part about loving undocumented

Today you woke up at 2am to squeeze in more time at work. As if you don’t work enough. You try like mercy to keep the alarm from waking me but the truth is I was already up, waiting. I watch you prepare yourself in the darkness. It is a quiet offering to this goddess. … Continue reading The hardest part about loving undocumented

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xicana chronicles is a multimedia publishing platform aimed at collectively publishing the journeys and experiences of 21st century indigenous Xicanas. It seeks to document, preserve, and amplify the Xicana experience in the words and arts of womyn warriors and mujeres xingonas.  It aims to serve as a herstorical collection of multimedia first-hand accounts of this generation and time.  This space represents an act of … Continue reading Welcome


Brown mothering, decolonization, and tortillas…

Brown mothering, decolonization, and tortillas… Every time I saw my own abuelita elbow deep in a big bowl masa harina, I’d think to myself, “I’ll never be a tortilla making Maria. I’ll never be that brown women bent over a stove for some man who can’t appreciate the burnt fingers and the sweat. “ What … Continue reading Brown mothering, decolonization, and tortillas…


21st century Xicana experiences