Xicana battlefields by Iris Rodriguez

For the Xicana warrior

As Xicana warriors there are moments when the terrain that surrounds us becomes treacherous.

It’s okay to be afraid. It’s okay not to know what to do.

Pray. Seek the counsel of the elders. Seek the support of your sacred circles. How and whether they respond can be enlightening…or irrelevant.

The most important thing YOU can do is listen to your inner wisdom and follow your gut. The universe is speaking.  Listen.

You were brought here for a reason, my sister. Don’t let the wars against you, against me, against us weaken your senses.

Dare to liberate your self and take that first scary step.

Step across the bridges and burn them if you have to. Tread with caution and confidence across the battlefields, past the mines and the borders.

The fear, the pain or the wave of temporary emotion will try to blind you in the midst of your passage.

In those moments of weakness, tighten your belt and keep moving forward with the inner guidance of the universe.

Chains are not easy to break out of.

You were made for something greater.

There is no time to lose, you must move quickly across the treacherous landscape.

And once it has been crossed, stop and give thanks. Remember those that didn’t make it.

And dance.

Xicana battlefields

Iris Rodriguez
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Iris Rodriguez

Artivist / Journalist / Rascuacha Tech / Network Producer at Xica Media
Iris Rodriguez is a digital strategist, multimedia producer, author, musical artist, and poet from San Antonio, Texas.Since 2002 her body of work has addressed environmental racism/justice, family detention,decolonization, cultural arts, guerrilla media, Xicanisma and public archives.
Her upcoming book, Return To The Red Road, is a collection of poetry, art, and stories about her journey through decolonization.Her newly opened musical production house, Tezcatlipoca Records, produces music of modern Cemanahuac.Her latest album, La Cultura Nos Cura, is a fusion of cumbia and indigenous Mexican instruments, earth- and spirit-conscious lyrics, and decolonial themes.Read full bio here.
Channels: Xicana Chronicles | End Family Detention | Xica Nation | Tezcatlipoca Records | MTX Files | Sound Cloud | Chinati Ixtlan | Texas UFW 2016
Iris Rodriguez
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