La Diosa

blue dots

* A poem for the inner diosa *

I am the fertile soil of the universe,
my mind is pregnant with possibility.
The power of creation is inside of me,
a sacred responsibility.

I unleash myself from the mental chains that bind,
I ascend past each struggle and free my mind.
I accept payment from lessons learned in kind.
I grow beyond the boundaries.  I ascend.  I shine.

The creative inner waters of my soul burst forth
with purpose, healing, and medicine.
Each moment, each thought is another chance to live and give life,
to utilize the sacred power within.

I have been gifted the responsibility of doing the healing work of generations,
while planting seeds for the next ones to come.
I lovingly manifest my purpose and utilize my power,
my universal gift of creation.

Iris Rodriguez
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Iris Rodriguez

Artivist / Journalist / Rascuacha Tech / Network Producer at Xica Media
Iris Rodriguez
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