Letters from the inside – a poem

There are concentration camps in Texas
where mothers and their children are imprisoned
in rural locations that form the solar plexus
of the American “immigrant family detention” system.

Women, children and families
escaping for their lives, in search of sanctuary,
are being targeted, imprisoned, raped, literally frozen and indebted judicially;
a government-backed corporate money scheme wrapped in legalese and divisive vocabulary.

False labels like “family detention” and “immigrant” mask the reality
that they are wrongly imprisoning our sisters and brothers of the corn.
We cannot fall victim to their biased lens of “legality.”
This is an issue of human rights, women’s rights, children’s rights.  Of indigenous rights.  Of morality.

The government agencies and American corporations that puppeteer this “immigrant detention” beast,
are complicit in crimes against women, children and humanity.

Here is a link to 20+ handwritten (and now digitized and shareable) letters
written and drawn by imprisoned mothers and children for your review.
Please take a moment to read them,
they were written just for you:

LINK:  http://endfamilydetention.com/category/blog/letters-from-inside/

Iris Rodriguez
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Iris Rodriguez

Artivist / Journalist / Rascuacha Tech / Network Producer at Xica Media
Iris Rodriguez is a digital strategist, multimedia producer, author, musical artist, and poet from San Antonio, Texas.Since 2002 her body of work has addressed environmental racism/justice, family detention,decolonization, cultural arts, guerrilla media, Xicanisma and public archives.
Her upcoming book, Return To The Red Road, is a collection of poetry, art, and stories about her journey through decolonization.Her newly opened musical production house, Tezcatlipoca Records, produces music of modern Cemanahuac.Her latest album, La Cultura Nos Cura, is a fusion of cumbia and indigenous Mexican instruments, earth- and spirit-conscious lyrics, and decolonial themes.Read full bio here.
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Iris Rodriguez
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