A Xicana´s prayer: Four Peyote Medicine Songs to the Four Directions


From our hearts and in a good way my children and I send them out to the four directions, you, and your loved ones.
Originally recorded in 2015. This was the song that started our journey into making music: a prayer (poorly) recorded when my kids were 5 and 3 years old. Originally published in 2015 during a difficult moment in our lives, we have now journeyed to 28,000+ plays on Soundcloud and felt like it was time to send a prayer up to all our relations in these times. <3
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9 thoughts on “A Xicana´s prayer: Four Peyote Medicine Songs to the Four Directions”

  1. That was beautifully sang, Iris…I can feel the love and peace through the song and the voices of your adorable children

  2. Beautiful– thank you for sharing. Nice to sing with you– also learned these songs here in Co– through the medicine/people here. Love the medicine and this way of prayer. This way has given me such life.

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