Abre La Tierra

This song pays homage to the power of our voices and our responsibility to care for Mother Earth. It features historic footage and scenes from the first Two Rivers camp occupation/lockdown.

In solidarity with Mother Earth

the water protectors

Two Rivers Camp – Stop Trans Pecos Pipeline

Camp Toyahvale

Big Bend Defense Coalition

Society of Native Nations

Jefes Helga Jose Garza
Kalpulli Ameyaltonal Tejaztlan

Ayoyotes On The Ground
and all front-line danzantes

Peace and Dignity Journeys

A very special thank you
and digital warrior salute goes to
Greg Harman and Decelerationfor documenting, digitizing, and disseminating
this historic footage.

Fuerza mi pueblo! Here’s a *NEW* song just for you called “Abre La Tierra” featuring yours truly and Laura Rios Ramirez (aka 4rios) off my upcoming cumbia EP, “La Cultura Nos Cura” by Tezcatlipoca Records.

MP3 SINGLE: tezcatlipocarecords.com/product/abre-…a-feat-4rios/
ALBUM: tezcatlipocarecords.com/product/presa…a-full-album/

YOUTUBE: youtu.be/4R53970q3SE
SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/yacatsol/abre-la-tierra-feat-4rios

We invite you to listen, dance, and share!!!


Ayoyotes On The Ground Two Rivers Camp Ceremony
(At the camp or from your location) Feb 18th


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Iris Rodriguez
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