America the Not-So Beautiful

woodcut on paper, 24 x 32"
woodcut on paper, 24 x 32″

This November my woodcut print “America the Beautiful” is on the cover of the November issue of La Voz de Esperanza, the newsletter of San Antonio’s Esperanza Center.  This work has some recognizable iconography to some and not so much to others.  My image of a Coatlicue, the Mexican earth and death goddess, throws her hands up in the air and rolls her eyes  in frustration.  In front of her is a sacrifice, the head of an immigrant child on a chess pawn.  Behind her is the  image of the border fence as it looks from Military Highway in the Rio Grande Valley, Texas.  Concertina wire, also known as “razor wire”, is used as repetitive element on either side of the Coatlicue.  The wire might be mistaken as  an exaggerated decorative symbol until one remembers that the detention camps that many immigrant children  and families are held in are actually surrounded by razor wire topped fences.  The inscription on the front of the work, “America the Beautiful” speaks for itself.

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Celeste De Luna

Artist and Cabrona at Tejaztlan, mother, repelona.
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