Buffalo Poem

Buffalo Poem by Tara Evonne Trudell from Tara Evonne Trudell on Vimeo.

In solidarity with the women and children refugees currently locked up in 'family' detention centers here in America. Honor Honorable Judge Dolly M. Gee's order to release the mothers and their children.



do you
hear me now
so loud
and scary
not because
I’m crazy
as some
would say
taking emotional
out of natural
last straw falling
breaking my heart
wide open
life tough
all over
me needing
to feel this out
cracking pain
down deep
hitting spirit
the ache
in my walk
when children
slow moments
path pausing
pain in heart
I am loud
in my head
at those
around me
not willing
to see
this is not right
this is horrific
as bad as it gets
hell on earth
worse than
when children
get caught
in the middle
brown sacrificed
in white politics
bears witness
not in the best
interest groups
funneling money
into corrupt laws
racist goons
making decisions
for more fools
to follow
opportunity banking
on the migration
of survival
serious profit
the lifetime
of 500 years
killing slow
reducing humanity
treating others
as beneath
fuck this
patriotic justification
budget concerns
played out
immigration reform
trigger minutemen
racist politician
corrupt border patrol
worse than
any drug cartel
I can’t help
but take a stand
cursing it out
loud in words
to motivate
people movement
the way
it should be
when mothers
and children
face danger
my mind racing
with disbelief
trying to keep
a grip
on world realities
what kind of fuckery
is this
when getting away
with murder
is a daily given
bad boy cops
right of passage
making jokes
deciding death
the sick frustrations
of man
continue unnoticed
the acceptance
of people
when in battle
I run
to every corner
handing out
throwing prayer
at passerby’s
¡love the refugees!
all over town
taking action
any way
I can
to save
my own child
that one part
of me
I protect
with every breath
my awareness
in raising
xicano power
all my reasons
to fight back
with love
in action
it’s yours
or mine
we are
in this together.

c/s tara evonne trudell


Tara Evonne Trudell
Tara Evonne Trudell

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