Children of Anahuac: We carry the medicine inside

Children of Anahuac:
we carry the medicine inside.
We hear Mother Earth now.
We have removed the wasichu lies.

Labels can’t define us,
through our blood to this land we are tied.
Tierra sagrada:
maiz, mesquite, nopal give us life.

Their walls can’t define us.
Millennial caminos will survive.
Wasichu can’t blind us.
We’ve had enough of suffering and lies.

We remember our place here.
All that was hidden will come back to the light.

Tonantzin tlalli,
noxtin nomecayotzin.

(From my heart I sing
thank you,
Mother Earth,
to all that is, ever was, and will be
all my relations.)

Dedicated to the decolonization of the United States

Iris Rodriguez
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Iris Rodriguez

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