Cold War Tolteca

When I was a girl,

I lived surrounded by an asphalt garden.

It was the same color as the  cold.

Nothing grew there except a weed or two.

Cracked glass glittered in the gutter.

Morning sunrise sagged on metal fences

bracing from the barking dogs and silent old men

who sat for hours dreaming.

My eyes lived behind the hoodie of my coat so as not to see the dead things.

Walking home, sometimes running,

I refused it to let the ugliness take me.

My paint and my pen shot back the zombies.

Thrift store architectural digest was my hiding.

I grew up at war with cold, yet I am grateful.

Here stands a full bloom Tolteca,

an artist of the spirit, a creator of her fate.  

Dragon Fly Women by Acaxochitl Cavazos
Dragon Fly Women by Acaxochitl Cavazos





Artist at The Flowering Reed
Acaxochitl is a proud mother, a lover of words, and an artist. She enjoys creating art that reflects her indigenous roots and hopes to inspire other Xicanas to get creative.

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