Coyote’s Lament

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By: Joyce Day


I hear you, coyote, there in the distance

A challenge you want? I’ll give no resistance

A battle of wits, is that what you call?

A conflict of strength and endurance to see who will fall?


I stand ready, I’ll take on your tasks

I’ll figure the answers to riddles you ask!

But be ready for me, my sly trickster friend

It may well be YOU who falls in the end!


I am a tower of strength, in body and mind

I draw my power from sources Divine

If Ego is the price to pay,

I gladly atone, and be on my way


Coyote! Come calling!

I’ll be there when you arrive

Faith, Joy and Laughter unlock any snare you contrive!


Ampetu kiley, lila was-te!

Heya hoye wayelo HEY!


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Joyce Day is a third wave feminist of mixed Indigeony, a multi-instrumentalist, Ceremonial Singer, wife, mother & grandmother. After living the life of a “single working mom/independent woman of the 21st century” she now has the opportunity to live the life she’s always wanted; that of stay-at-home warrior priestess. “I joke that I am too busy to work!” She is a community activist; especially concerning Indigenous Peoples’ and womens issues; a working musician, proponent for preservation of Indigenous cultures through music and art and a helluva good cook.