This space is dedicated to the warrior sisters, hermanas en resistencia, the mamas, the healers, the movers and shakers, las mujeres chingonas and yes, the maniosas too.

Xicana Chronicles is the living diary of the 21st century Xicana wombyn warrior.  It seeks to document, preserve, and amplify the Xicana experience in the words/arts of the wombyn warriors and mujeres xingonas as herstories that will serve as the first-hand accounts of this generation and time.

As Xicanas, the weight of the generations under colonization, occupation and machismo has sat heavily upon our shoulders.   But we are survivors.  Somos xingonas.  We are a generation of modern day warriors, fighting on the front lines and realizing our own medicines despite all the roadblocks set up to wound and disempower us.

Your story, your journey is a roadmap for someone.  It is medicine.  WE as Xicanas are sacred medicine.  And we share the responsibility of rebuilding our nation.  One story at a time.  One art piece at a time.   Our stories must be written, must be preserved, and must be shared.

Regardless of whether you choose to share your story on Xicana Chronicles or another site or platform, the important thing is to WRITE or MAKE YOUR ART so that those who may be healed through your work may have a chance.  It is also essential that we speak and share our experiences so that they are not lost.

This is a modern-day feminist Xicana codex that documents the landscape and intricacies of life as Xicana wombyn.  It documents numerous intersections of daily life, love, self-love, family, spirituality, culture, consciousness and decolonization as experienced by self-identified Xicanas in their personal lives, homes, workplaces, societies and political regimes.

Xicana Chronicles is actively seeking blog contributors and authors to produce multimedia works.  So please spread the word to the four corners of the world, so that Xicanas far & wide may know that the time is now.

21st century Xicana experiences