Dolorosa Street Haiku


You see me onscreen
My name is an A number
But I’m a woman

– Anonymous

This poem is in reference to the human rights crisis occurring near San Antonio, Texas.  There are currently 500 wombyn and children (mostly indigenous, non-Spanish speakers) who have escaped US-backed war and violence in their countries in South and Central America that fled by foot on a months-long journey north to join their relatives in the United States.  Upon arrival, however, they were put into real American prisons and treated as hardened criminals and subjected to different forms of torture, abuse, live freezing and chemical exposure.

The immigration court on Dolorosa Street in San Antonio, Texas is where the fates of these wombyn play out…and the screen this haiku refers to is the docket that appears where these wombyn and children are not referred to by name – only a number.  The majority do not speak a European language (English OR Spanish) and are not able to communicate with anyone to understand what is happening…or to get help for their babies and children when they fall ill within the prison.

To learn more about this crisis and the movement to stop this government-backed violation of human rights, please visit


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