El viento

throughout the barrios
the colonias
and the ciudades
the wind
el viento
el viento va
cleaning out
our communities
by sweeping out
all those
old energies

el viento nos trae
el nacimiento
de pensamiento
el movimiento del serpiente
y la preciosa sabiduria
se conparte con nuestra gente
de parte de los
sagrados elementos
madre tierra
y el viento

los niños y ancianos
los animales y las plantas
respiran todos
en unison
con el aire
la energia
del viento
que corre
por las calles

ehecatl, the wind
caresses the earth
taking particles and pieces
of ancient memories
into the seas, rivers, and creeks
into the nostrils of corporate machine gods
and as the gentle breeze
on the backs of those in the fields
picking olives in Palestine
picking dates in Iraq
picking maíz en Anahuac

the spirit moves
giving life to the oppressor
and the oppressed
filling the lungs of newborn babies
and into the last breaths
of the elders

we’re all tied
to one another
through this web of
the plants need our dioxide
like we need their oxygen
like we depend on them for subsistence

we both need the wind
to carry and plant
seeds and pollens
into the distance

en muchas lugares
aire pura y limpia
no existe
solamente aire llena
de tierra
y dolor

pero el viento sigue
sigue empujando
sigue levantando
sigue barriendo
y limpiando
toda la energia vieja
el camino
para algo nuevo
sursurrando y limpiando
dando vida
para el proximo dia

Iris Rodriguez
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Iris Rodriguez

Artivist / Journalist / Rascuacha Tech / Network Producer at Xica Media
Iris Rodriguez is a digital strategist, multimedia producer, author, musical artist, and poet from San Antonio, Texas.Since 2002 her body of work has addressed environmental racism/justice, family detention,decolonization, cultural arts, guerrilla media, Xicanisma and public archives.
Her upcoming book, Return To The Red Road, is a collection of poetry, art, and stories about her journey through decolonization.Her newly opened musical production house, Tezcatlipoca Records, produces music of modern Cemanahuac.Her latest album, La Cultura Nos Cura, is a fusion of cumbia and indigenous Mexican instruments, earth- and spirit-conscious lyrics, and decolonial themes.Read full bio here.
Channels: Xicana Chronicles | End Family Detention | Xica Nation | Tezcatlipoca Records | MTX Files | Sound Cloud | Chinati Ixtlan | Texas UFW 2016
Iris Rodriguez
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