Fall Reflections for the Sensitive Xicanita

Whenever fall comes around I start to feel like I need to be somewhere right now. The nomad in me comes out and I am pretty sure that need to jet is cued by the birds flying south, the leaves falling, and animals going into hibernation. All of this activity is movement away from what was a very active time of year and wild me just wants run away with the buffalo. My body is telling me to move but my mind is telling me, “you have a job and you need to pay rent.” This internal conflict may be one of the reasons so many “sensitive” people get anxiety in the fall.

The way I see it, we can chose to flow with nature or work against it. I have found it much easier to flow with it now that I understand that self-care is an important aspect of being a grown up. As an sensitive artsy type, learning to flow with nature has been a crucial survival skill to develop because we can be very prone to seasonal depression.

How do we “flow” with nature if we can’t get up and go?

While it’s not practical to quit your job to travel like a goose, there are many things that you can do to stave off restlessness. Here are some of the things that have helped me relax and enjoy my favorite time of year.

Prepare! Prepare! Prepare!

Fall is the time to tie up loose ends, complete projects, and reflect on what has been accomplished and what I hope to accomplish next year. My way is to write it out. I like to “see” what I need to do and what I’ve done so far, so I don’t set off a personal panic. It really helps to slow down the anxiety.

Acknowledge abundance. Be grateful and Give Thanks!

The best thing about the fall is that its harvest time. Everything you have worked so hard for all year is now “baring fruit.” Taking the time to acknowledging your abundance also has the powerful effect of balancing the feeling of loss we sometimes get in the fall.

This time of year can feel so desolate and lonely because everything is going to sleep. I liken this energy to as small death. It is a letting go energy that can be managed by the simple act of giving. Giving is intentional “letting go” and is beneficial for your health! Call up a friend, help grandma, you know what to do!

Prevent stagnant energy by moving.

Ultimately the season change is always about movement. If we want to feel healthy in these slower days, we have to move our bodies or change up our environment in some way. Small things like moving your furniture, reorganizing your pantry, or going for walks can help bring that balance into your life. Without movement or flow we put ourselves at risk for depression. I believe a big part of my experience with the blues can be my own unconscious resistance to change. I have helped myself enormously by being aware that there is a season for everything. I honor this season of letting go. Hermanas, I wish you a balanced happy fall and



Wake the Earth-painting by Acaxochitl Cavazos
Wake the Earth-painting by Acaxochitl Cavazos


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One thought on “Fall Reflections for the Sensitive Xicanita”

  1. Wow ! I’ve never even noticed this natural reaction to the onset of Fall. You summarized our natural reaction in a very enlightening way and offered very soothing remedies.

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