Flor y Canto-Indigenous People’s Day


Sending my love and prayer for all indigenous people of the world .May  health and healing be restored to the earth and all her children,



Artist at The Flowering Reed
Acaxochitl is a proud mother, a lover of words, and an artist. She enjoys creating art that reflects her indigenous roots and hopes to inspire other Xicanas to get creative.

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2 thoughts on “Flor y Canto-Indigenous People’s Day”

  1. I so look forward to your postings of word and music. You are an inspiration to me and I’m sure many others. You inspire pride in those who have for too long been painted as victims. Victims, we are not!

    Bless you and all you are doing to cultivate pride within a community that has for too long been labeled,”Alien” by true non-Indigenous American peoples of Alien origin.
    Forgive them, for they only know what they’ve been taught.
    I believe, our wisdom lies in the lessons passed on from generation to generation by our wise people be they Shaman or just plain gifted.
    As all things are our relations, so are those who have no understanding of our Spiritual connection with the Creator.
    What we choose to validate today, determines our foundation for the future.
    Or at least, that’s this man’s opinion.

    Thank you,

    Richard John

    1. Thank you, Richard! It is always good to here that people are moved by our work, we do appreciate you taking the time to read/listen to what we share from the heart.

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