Grand Mother Moon – Getting Well

  I offered her my song

The slow deep breath

of my drum called out

the questions hidden in my heart

I sit to listen

to her wisdom

in the dark.

If there is one thing I’ve come to anticipate, it’s my visit with grandmother Metztli.  Most nights  I can barely see the stars but I can always see the moon. I am grateful for these moments of  connection with her. Grandmother Metztli is the  embodiment of the creative force in every living being. She has taught me to  love the fullness of women hood and to revel in all of my possibilities. I go to her when I need comfort.

 The energy of this full moon has been especially intense for me. Lately,  my emotions are hanging out to dry like a pair of chones on a bright sunny day. Grand mother moon has shown me to accept these emotions. To often we are told to turn those uncomfortable feelings down to a low simmer. Don’t cry. Don’t yell. Be quiet. Well. I have had enough of that. I am going to let it out because I have learned holding back can make you ill and I would rather be a cray cray “lunatic” any day than a half dead women.

Not so long ago I decide  I had enough of being pulled away from things that matter most to me.  It happens to every working mom. You work, work some more, and you get up and do it again. No one complains, at least not outwardly. If you are not careful, that fun creative women inside of you will die, and in her place will grow a cranky disharmonious robot. Thankfully, I found a way to pull myself together. I found it in ritual. I found it in writing.  I found it in Reiki.

Reiki is a Japanese Energy healing practice that harness the life force energy by a laying of the hands technique.  My first Experience with Reiki was a few years back when I was really down and out. I was  amazed by  the fact that a women  that I had never met before was able to give me a sense of profound peace just by placing her hands on me. I was amazed further that in the weeks after much of my day to day anxiety started to slip away.   I have since taken up the practice of Reiki and already so  many powerful wonderful changes have taken over my life. I have to catch my breath!


Reiki has touched every point of my life and I am excited to share and grow with it.  Integrating the new into the old has definitely been my trial of late. Sitting here with grand mother moon reminds me that change is what I am all about. I look forward to opening up and sharing more of my journey with you.



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Acaxochitl is a proud mother, a lover of words, and an artist. She enjoys creating art that reflects her indigenous roots and hopes to inspire other Xicanas to get creative.

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