Insurrection Code 314

The mother sat with their babies in the dark quiet
waiting to be fed frack mush during meal time
waiting for those few minutes the lights would be turned on
as they sat in solitary confinement as unwilling prisoners of corpo-federal organized crime.

She had journeyed 3,000 miles, a three-month trek across hostile terrain.
There was no time to rest,
Only time to move, move, move
through nightfall, hot sun, and stinging rain.

She ran on foot with her baby for months. 
They ran seeking freedom, ran seeking peace,
ran away from the violence and death
but they arrived at the doorstep of the beast

And into the waiting arms of the American federal corporate detention machine.
where many other mothers and children were incarcerated and subjected to techniques of torture, constant threat of sexual abuse,
freezers, chemical exposure, contaminated water,
slavery, sickness, spiritual crisis, and psychological abuse.

These women had been through hell for a heavenly cause
and many had waited months enslaved with their babies.
The feds and the private prison corporation threw responsibility back and forth as they made made millions with predatory laws
The mothers decided to resist by holding a work strike and a fast for God and the world to hear their pleas.

But their cries and actions fell on deaf, ignorant ears,
and they were instead reported as violating “Code #314” for “Insurrection.”
They were accused of waving paper messages to an imaginary helicopter
and were caged with their kids in solitary confinement to break their spirits and intention.

But little did the beast imagine the power of the prayers of these warrior mothers,
because despite being caged in cells
voices from around the world, thousands of others
took action, called, signed, demanded their freedom and started mobilizing and raising hell.

One head of the beast, ICE Director Sarah Saldana,
was called out publicly about the fiasco.
she stuck to the good ole ‘Merican legalese playbook
and claimed she “didn’t know.”

She scheduled and went out for a tour of the prison,
and the prison-for-profit company literally painted the walls in pretty colors.
They decorated the halls and put real food back into the fridges,
and did their best to hide the truth about what they do there to the kids and their mothers.

At the end she did what she was put in her position to do
and in a pretty little public statement waved the corpo-fed heads on through.

A few days later, the facility even invited the media in for a tour,
and for the duration, locked the mothers with the loudest voices
away in solitary confinement
with two armed guards at the door.

These mothers have hearts of warriors
and the wind has liberated their words, stories, and names.
Now the mothers at the other concentration camp in Berks are resisting in solidarity in a joint and growing demand for freedom, a spreading fire that cannot be tamed.

Iris Rodriguez
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