Why I sing


They said

lower your voice sister so that you may


But I whisper

you are not the only one with thoughts, remember?

So I sing. That’s my resistance to flat lining  by oppression

with my eyes closed or wide and free

when I sing

These feet touch earth

but I’m winged

I am tiny

soft  & swollen

like a bird

bursting with truth

at the site of the sun

That is me out loud.




Morning Prayer-Acrylic  & Watercolor Acaxochitl Cavazos
Morning Prayer-Acrylic & Watercolor Acaxochitl Cavazos






Artist at The Flowering Reed
Acaxochitl is a proud mother, a lover of words, and an artist. She enjoys creating art that reflects her indigenous roots and hopes to inspire other Xicanas to get creative.

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