Our bodies are not just battlegrounds, but borderlands


I wanted to provide some additional information about my inspiration for this work.  Tu Cuerpo Es Una Frontera (Your Body is a Borderland) was a work that I created which was inspired by Barbara Kruger’s work, Untitled (Your body is battleground). Kruger’s image was used for a poster for the 1989 Women’s March in Washington, which supported woman’s choice to safe abortion. The image that Kruger created haunted me as I thought about frustrating it is to feel how your body is subject to laws based on the oppression of women.   I had been thinking about how laws effect women’s bodies, specifically brown bodies.  This work is about the idea of migrant women giving birth to children on either side of a U.S./Mexican boundary, the river known as the Rio Bravo or Rio Grande River.  Some children are Mexican citizens holding Mexican flags and the others are U.S. citizens holding U.S. flags, all in the shape of anchors for “anchor babies”. When I created this image in 2008, Lou Dobbs was on the air constantly warning the American public about the dangers of unchecked immigration, disease, and anchor babies. I considered the idea that I might be considered an anchor baby….and I realized what bullshit it was. This hate rhetoric is part of a systematic oppression of the indigenous people of this continent. Are Mexicans really indigenous people you may ask? Yes, I tell you, when it comes down to it Mexicans, they really are just a bunch of raped Indians. Hijos de la chingada, que no.

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Celeste De Luna

Artist and Cabrona at Tejaztlan, mother, repelona.
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