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Water song

Listen to the the children while they play if you listen real close they’ll take you far away back to the old days how it used to be when the world was free and the water used to roam. Singer: Laura Rios Recorded Jan 26, 2017 at the Texas Department of Parks and Recreation public … Continue reading Water song


Nocihuapoh: For the hermanas

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /] Nocihuapoh, Nocihuapoh Nocihuapoh, Nocihuapoh x2 Huel Tinechximati, Nimitzcihuapotiah x2 Nocihuapoh, Nocihuapoh Tocihuapoqueh Nimitztlazohtla Nocihuapoh, Nocihuapoh Tocihuapoqueh, Tlazocamati Mi Comadre, Mi Comadre Mi Comadre, Mi Comadre Tu Me Conoces, Te reconozco como una mujer como yo Mi Comadre, Mi Comadre Nuestras Comadres Te Amamos Mi Comadre, Mi Comadre Nuestras … Continue reading Nocihuapoh: For the hermanas

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La Danza

The drum beats- My feet hit the ground and the seeds fall down  I hear them calling tenderly-  Copal fills my memory Of many offerings and sometimes tears When truth in my movement overwhelmed me.  Soon the dance takes me  The trees and the leaves become one glowing color Its light pulsing through my hands like … Continue reading La Danza


Why I sing

  They said lower your voice sister so that you may adhere But I whisper you are not the only one with thoughts, remember? So I sing. That’s my resistance to flat lining  by oppression with my eyes closed or wide and free when I sing These feet touch earth but I’m winged I am tiny … Continue reading Why I sing


I remember

For two nights I have slept very little. I have had so many thoughts passing in and out of my mind I had to work it out with paper and paint. I realized that this little painting is my prayer of gratitude for all the wonderful people in my life both dead and living… Today I remember … Continue reading I remember


We’ve grown against the walls and the waist.  We’ve pushed through  concrete and barbed wire. Hidden in the shadows we make no sound. Quiet to be invisible to your hateful destruction.  It’s not possible.We are so many. So many. How is this possible? We have been pulled up, stepped on, and hacked. You get angry, but … Continue reading Weeds

Cold War Tolteca

When I was a girl, I lived surrounded by an asphalt garden. It was the same color as the  cold. Nothing grew there except a weed or two. Cracked glass glittered in the gutter. Morning sunrise sagged on metal fences bracing from the barking dogs and silent old men who sat for hours dreaming. My eyes lived behind … Continue reading Cold War Tolteca

Daughter of Anahuac

For so long I have held to beliefs that are not honest.  I’ve caressed them and held them like infants. It’s time to say good-bye to the lies. raza cosmica. mestizo. raped one. at near extinction- You aren’t real. I am starting to remember the deep ancestral roots The pure and simple truth  I am, and … Continue reading Daughter of Anahuac

Grand Mother Moon – Getting Well

  I offered her my song The slow deep breath of my drum called out the questions hidden in my heart I sit to listen to her wisdom in the dark. If there is one thing I’ve come to anticipate, it’s my visit with grandmother Metztli.  Most nights  I can barely see the stars but I can always … Continue reading Grand Mother Moon – Getting Well


xicana chronicles is a multimedia publishing platform aimed at collectively publishing the journeys and experiences of 21st century indigenous Xicanas. It seeks to document, preserve, and amplify the Xicana experience in the words and arts of womyn warriors and mujeres xingonas.  It aims to serve as a herstorical collection of multimedia first-hand accounts of this generation and time.  This space represents an act of … Continue reading Welcome

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