War blossom

I have made many difficult decisions
and have had my body, my identity, my reality and my legality grossly dissected.
But despite this and for the purposes of survival, I have had let go of any need to be conflicted
or negatively affected.

I used to feel ashamed of my war scars
but they have now turned into armor that serve to protect me.
I did the best I could at the time to fight the inner and outer battles.
I survived. I now thrive. But I had to resist to become free.

I claim my reign as the queen of my own thoughts
and assert my own dignity and existence.
I choose to love myself without limits
and love others by sprinkling the drops of conciencia that cross my path
upon fertile terrenos filled with semillas of resistance.

Resistance can be written in blood or encoded in art.
Words can be spun intelligently, critical knowledge can flow like poetry,
conciencia and liberation can be intertwined in rhyme.
The cancers of the wasichu ways can be removed from the psyche.

So I invite you to grow with me, go with me
to a place of inspiration,
where creativity meets dignity and resistance
and stokes the fires of medicine creations.

Remember to love yourself and your battle scars,
use them as shields, letting them teach you how to polish your inner light.
You have the power to change the world
by first loving and healing what you carry inside.



Iris Rodriguez
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One thought on “War blossom”

  1. Love your writing!
    My favorite is
    “I used to feel ashamed of my war scars
    but they have now turned into armor that serve to protect me”.

    I used to feel like this but your right! Scars are constant reminders and are here to naturally protect and armor. Thank you mujer for this!

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