We’ve grown against the walls and the waist. 

We’ve pushed through  concrete and barbed wire.

Hidden in the shadows we make no sound. Quiet to be invisible to your hateful destruction.

 It’s not possible.We are so many. So many.

How is this possible? We have been pulled up, stepped on, and hacked. You get angry, but We still grow back!

No. We can not and will not stand straight like

Denmark tulips on your white picket gate.

No! We will not lay down for your plastic green lawn.

You pluck and You pull and tear at the truth, but

Who are you to wish us gone?


We are the hearts of Coatlique. We have always belonged.

Our hearts beat boldly in tune to the sound of her story.


The children of the Sun are earth and the sky woven into form.

We grow stronger

by draught and by storm. No, we will not abide

 to your ignorant pride.

Pulled up, stepped on, and hacked.

You get angry.

We still grow back.


Wild flowers-Acaxochitl Cavazos
Wild flowers-Acaxochitl Cavazos




Artist at The Flowering Reed
Acaxochitl is a proud mother, a lover of words, and an artist. She enjoys creating art that reflects her indigenous roots and hopes to inspire other Xicanas to get creative.

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