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Dear familia, friends and supporters of Xicana Chronicles, it is with great humility that I am reaching out to you today.

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With great respect and humility I’m reaching out to ask for your support for the “Xicana Chronicles” project.  My name is Iris and  I’m a Xicana multimedia producer and digital activist from Texas who has participated in several community-based campaigns since 2005.

In 2014 I created Xicana Chronicles, a multimedia publishing platform aimed at collectively publishing the journeys and experiences of 21st century indigenous Xicanas.  It was a virtual space dedicated to the warrior sisters, hermanas en resistencia, the mamas, the healers, the movers and shakers, las xingonas and yes, the mañosas too.

Xicana Chronicles has blossomed into a virtual, home-based network collectively helping other wombyn warriors document, digitize, and share their stories with the world.

The Xicana Chronicles project is as an act of resistance and resilience and WITH YOUR HELP we can continue to share our stories in a global and meaningful way.

We need your support to push Xicana Chronicles across the finish line by funding the completion of our first set of FIVE e-books.  

100% of the book sale profits will go to the author, hopefully launching the careers of these wombyn warriors.  This is a win-win!  (A line item budget is included at the bottom of this page.)

We currently have manuscripts for:

  • two autobiographical, interactive e-books of Xicana experiences across spiritual, physical, political, legal and personal landscapes;
  • a condensed reader and archival compilation of the Mission, Texas environmental justice campaign from the Rio Grande Valley, Texas;
  • a compilation of contemporary Xicana Tejana art; and
  • the Xica Media story how about using “rascuacha tech” can save the world.

We are asking for the support and apoyo of our relatives, friends and networks to help us birth this Xicana-powered and produced inaugural collection of 5 e-books.

The completion date for this herstorical project is December 2015.

Donate to Xicana Chronicles today!


A little bit of background about me:

Some of my current digital resistance projects include:

EndFamilyDetention.com (ending family detention)

XicaNation.com (decolonization)

XicanaChronicles.com (writing or own herstories)

Mission-Texas.com (environmental justice)

Yetlanezi.com and TezcatlipocaRecords.com(preserving our indigenous musical heritage)

I believe in resistance through direct action by documenting, digitizing, and sharing our stories.

By helping folks in my community digitize and share their stories and utilizing tech skills I’ve picked up along the way, I have learned that the purest forms of resistance sprout from the bottom up, that each of us has something to contribute and that we can make a difference.

I am asking for your support in donating to this campaign and also sharing the word to your friends and networks.

Tlazocamati, thank you for your time and attention.


We are part of a generation with an unprecedented amount of power thanks to technology and the internet.  The stories we leave behind are the road maps for the next generation.  For that reason Xicana Chronicles is seeking community support to help push us across the finish line as we publish our first collection of ebooks.

And through a small but powerful collective of Xicana artists and writers that share their perspectives on the site, Xicana Chronicles went viral and global, adding the narrative of indigenous Xicanas to conversations worldwide.  It became part of a virtual codex that can never be burned.

A lot of the sisters in our community are very powerful but are stuck in the 8-5 grind, working 3-4 jobs to survive, or volunteering in their communities towards positive change while struggling financially.  Many hermanas keep journals, write poetry, do art and document reflections and lessons learned that need to be shared with the world, not just sit stashed away in a journal that can never seem to turn into a book.

Here’s what Acaxochitl had to say:

My Xicana Chronicles Experience

     Writing and sharing my creative works with Xicana Chronicles this last year has shown me that my personal journey can empower Brown women in a direct way.  What I hope to say is an unfiltered view of what it’s like to be Brown, conscious, and living in these times of political strife and racial tensions. 

Xicana Chronicles has given me courage to speak boldly from the heart.

    I am a mother of three and married to an undocumented immigrant. We have our share of struggles as this reality shapes every aspect of our life. For a long time, I felt it best not to speak too openly about our struggle. The stress of it all took its toll on my creative spirit. Through Xicana Chronicles I have found motivation and courage to speak up and to create work that is both healing and inspirational. These are love notes to the universe and to my mixed identity family. Despite our struggle, we are still here, feistier and stronger than before. 

Xicana Chronicles have given me the tools I need to:

  • Create more positive & spiritually relevant works. 
  • Remind the world, that we, the children of the sun, are still here, and thriving.
  • Give voice to those families like mine: Native American and Mexican. Documented and Undocumented. 

Xicana Chronicles has shown me that I am capable of anything. 

    When I was a girl, I would spend hours painting or drawing and I really forgot how much I enjoyed those times. I have truly grown stronger as an artist and mother from the feedback from my sisters across the screens. I realize that my gifts are not to be kept under lock and key. There are no limits to what we, The Xicana Chronicles team, can do.

      I hope that you will consider funding our e-book publishing effort. Help us reach our youth and community worldwide! This is a project made with love and hope for the future, and it is passionately created just for you.

Thank you for reading and sharing our stories.


Acaxochitl Cavazos


Our individual and collective experiences, the ups, the downs, all those lessons learned, the tales of survival and even the mistakes matter.  We can use that knowledge to avoid repeating mistakes or remaining in danger.  Silence is an enemy.

Historically we know all too well what happens when someone else writes our history books.  We remember the burning and banning of our stories in our own ancestral lands.  The loss and silencing of our perspectives and traditional ways has been used as a tool of war against us as “Latinos” and “Hispanics” with indigenous roots in the Americas, and in particular as wombyn.

This project has traveled across networks I had not imagined and pushed the conversation about our indigenous roots, experiences and lifeways into the more mainstream “Latino” and “Hispanic” sphere.

We also realized we were having a global impact through the almost 20k visitors from 100 countries that have gone to our site.  And those numbers keep on growing.  Our stories are being shared and discussed across vast geographic divides, cultures and linguistic communities.  They are having a global impact.


We are seeking help to cover the following costs:

– Graphic designer (front cover, back cover, spine, additional art) ($150 x 5 = $650)

– Copy editor ($125 x 5 = $625)

– E-book formatter ($60 x 5 = $300)

– Publishing (with 100% of the book sale profits going to the author), registration, domain names, and advertising package ($150 x 5 = $775)

– Small stipend for authors, artists and/or the community-based effort of their choosing ($650 divided by number of participants)


Iris Rodriguez
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Iris Rodriguez

Artivist / Author / Digital Strategist / Network Producer at Xica Media
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Iris Rodriguez
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